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  • Hardness Testers/Accessories

    Rockwell Portable Hardness Testers

    Electro Arc Manufacturing Company’s, Ames division offers a range of portable metal hardness testers for quick and easy on-site hardness testing in the Rockwell scales. Our testers fit most testing situations and comply with ASTM E-110 standard.  These hand held portable testers are built with the highest quality standards of craftsmanship.

    • Low Cost
    • Lightweight
    • Reliable
    • Superior Service+Support
    • 1 Year Warranty
    • Use Anywhere! (Plant Floor, Loading Dock, Your Desk)


    Hardness Testing Equipment – Accessories

    The right tools for the job


  • Calibration Service

    Rockwell Hardness Tester Calibration

    Once per year your hardness tester should be factory re-calibrated. Contact us for details

    Hardness tester calibration should be performed on a periodic basis to verify the continued accuracy
    of a tester. Electro Arc provides calibration and repair services for testers we manufacture. We provide
    an estimate to you prior to any repair or calibration. Our calibration and repair services include the

    • Disassembling tester
    • Complete cleaning of tester
    • Visual and mechanical inspection of the tester and accessories
    • Part replacement*
    • All scales calibrated as required by customer
    • Running hardness tests on certified hardness test blocks
    • Traceable calibration to NIST standards

    * You will be notified of the condition of the tester and any potential issues so that you can make a then
    make a decision on whether to fix or not. We make every effort to expedite all calibration and repair

    To get your Ames Tester calibrated or repaired please ship it to:

    Electro Arc Manufacturing Company
    161 Enterprise Drive
    Ann Arbor, MI 48103

    Please be sure to put your contact information in with the tester shipment.

  • Instructions/Scales

    Rockwell Hardness Tester Instructions

    For Use With Ames Standard Hardness Testers

    Please Check Out Our Rockwell Hardness Tester Manual

    SCALEMajor Load(kg)Penetrator TypeDial ColorUse BarrelTypical Materials
    A 60 C Diamond Black C Extremely hard materials, Tungsten Carbide thin steel and low hardened steel
    B 100 1/16 Ball Red B Medium hard materials, Low and medium Carbon steels, brass, aluminum Alloys, malleable iron, etc.
    C 150 C Diamond Black C Hardened steels, hardened and tempered alloys, hard cast iron, pearlitic malleable iron, titanium, and other materials harder than B100
    D 100 C Diamond Black C Medium case hardened steel, thin steel, and pearlitic malleable iron
    E 100 1/8 Ball Red B Cast iron, Aluminum and magnesium alloy bearing metals
    F 60 1/16 Ball Red B Annealed brass and copper alloys, thin soft sheet metals
    G 150 1/16 Ball Red B Beryllum copper, phosphor bronze, malleable irons, etc.
    H 60 1/8 Ball Red B Aluminum sheet, zinc, lead
    K 150 1/8 Ball Red B Cast iron, aluminum alloys, bearing materials
    L 60 1/4 Ball Red B Plastics and soft metals such as lead, thin materials
    M 100 1/4 Ball Red BSame as L scale
    P 150 1/4 Ball Red B Same as L scale
    R 60 1/2 Ball Red B Same as L scale
    S 100 1/2 Ball Red B Same as L scale
    V150 1/2 Ball Red B Same as L scale

    Ames Superficial Hardness Tester    
    Note: There is only one row of dial numbers for the Ames superficial tester.

    SCALEMajor Load(kg)PenetratorTypical Material Tested
    15N 15 S Diamond Same materials as standard Rockwell except where shallow penetration is necessary as in:
    30N 30 S Diamond-
    45N 45 S Diamond-
    15T 15 1/16 Ball Shallow case hardened parts. To .010 inch
    30T 30 1/16 Ball-
    45T 45 1/16 Ball Hard thin material down to .006 inch
    15W 15 1/8 Ball-
    30W 30 1/8 Ball Cemented Carbides
    45W 45 1/8 Ball-
    15X 15 1/4 Ball Plastics
    30X 30 1/4 Ball-
    45X 45 1/4 Ball-
    15Y 15 1/2 Ball -
    30Y 30 1/2 Ball -
    45Y 45 1/2 Ball-

    Comparison Gage Chart

    Gage NumberThickness in decimals
    8 .171
    10 .140
    12 .109
    14 .078
    16 .062
    18 .050
    20 .037
    22 .031

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